Seaward launch new Apollo 600 PAT tester

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Seaward have recently launched the new Apollo 600 PAT tester. The Apollo 600 integrates PAT testing with risk assessment so that you can comply with the latest IET Code of Practice. This fast, easy to use, multi-tasking management tool is a very reliable product that will help to keep you ahead of the changes.

Below are a sample of the features that the Apollo 600 offers:

  • Apollo600Simple and Absolute Health & Safety Management:
    Apollo 600 brings together an assortment of handy tools to ensure that everything from risk assessment, recording test and inspection results and keeping comprehensive compliance records is fast, straight forward and proportionate to risk, as required by law.
  • A suite of health & safety and testing inspection reports:
    Apollo 600 hosts a wide range of testing and inspection reports, enabling many workplace inspections to be recorded including emergency lighting, fire detection and alarm systems and portable appliance testing.
  • Risk-Based Electrical Safety Testing:
    Apollo 600 is a powerful PAT testing tool which merges super fast electrical safety tests with the ability to record visual inspections and risk assessments as required by the 4th Edition Code of Practice for in-service inspection and testing.
  • Visual Evidence for Full Traceability:
    Apollo 600 offers supreme traceability of results, including visual inspections and risk assessments
  • Supreme PAT Testing:
    Apollo 600 follows in the footsteps of Seaward’s long line of trusted PAT testers, offering a comprehensive suite of fast and accurate electrical safety tests to enable any workplace appliance to be tested, including 3 phase and fixed appliances as well as residual current devices.
  • Reducing the Burden of Compliance:
    Whether you are managing health &  safety in-house or working as a contractor, Apollo 600 saves time, money and minimises the hassle of health & safety management. Combining many of the tools required to ensure compliance with health & safety regulations into one handheld, easy to use device.
  • Even more Efficient Health & Safety Management:
    Using Apollo 600 alongside other Seaward accessories and software ensures the process of testing, inspecting and recording results is as fast and easy as possible.
  • Next Generation Technology:
    Apollo 600 presents a totally new approach to health &  safety management with features such as its Durable and compact design, Colour LCD, On-board camera, Ultra fast PAT testing, On-board risk assessment tools, A variety of test and inspection certificates and reports in one, Remote data transfer and Huge internal memory

You will be able to keep detailed client records including test and inspection reports, risk assessments and visual evidence with the help of Seaward’s PATGuard 3 Health &  safety Edition software. This software enables all of the data recorded by Apollo 600 to be managed on a PC, offering total traceability and complete peace of mind.

Click here to download the Apollo 600 Technical Specification

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