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Calibration can be carried out in various forms, methods and standards with our Calibration Laboratory offering a wide array of services with the most common being referred to as Meter Calibration. Meter Calibration in itself as a term does not give you a huge amount of information apart from meaning it is the calibration of a piece of equipment that can measure something although in reality the flow of air, water or pressure would be the measurements being referred to.

In these instances, environmental meters such as flow meters, Anemometers or Manometers designed to measure various levels of air flow and air quality would be the types of equipment our calibration lab would generally see coming through the doors for calibration or repair and this still doesn’t include different types of Pressure Gauges which the lab also calibrate on a regular basis. So, when the term Meter Calibration is considered now, we have hardly scratched the surface of all the types of meter calibration which is carried out by our highly skilled and qualified calibration technicians.

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In terms of calibration depending on a company or business background various different types of equipment will require verification and adjustment in an on-going basis to ensure the service being provided or offered is being done so in an accurate manner. Therefore, businesses with an electrical background would require various types of electrical meter calibration with the most common being installation tester or Multimeter Calibration. 

Students or people using multimeters for hobby purposes are not required to have multimeter calibration completed on an annual basis in the same way that a registered electrical company would although it is not recommended to allow long time periods to elapse between multimeter calibration especially if the unit is in continual use and relied on for verification purposes. Clamp meters are calibrated in the same way as multimeter calibration with the calibration lab being able to input AC and DC currents up to 2000A although in order to pass calibration all measurements must be within the manufacturer’s specifications.

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