Anton Launch New Sprint EVO Flue Gas Analyser

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Sprint-eVo-2-Kit-5The Sprint EVO Flue Gas Analyser has arrived!

Following on from Antons Sprint V range sees the launch of the new improved Sprint eVo Range of intuitive multi-function analysers.

The new Anton eVo range boasts many improvements including enhanced software, improved graphic screen technology and the introduction of the new FreeVo flue probe with its unique moisture extraction system.

Standard Features eVo1 eVo 2 eVo 3
Improved smaller ergonomic design with over moulded protection Y Y Y
Enhanced simple to use, intuitive menu driven software Y Y Y
CO, CO2, CO/CO2 ratio, O2, XS air, temperature, efficiency with printout Y Y Y
FreeVo flue probe with unique moisture extraction system (Patent pending 1207896.0) N Y Y
Standard flue probe with split chamber moisture/filter protection Y N N
Timed let by/tightness test (IGE/Up/1b) with printout (0.01 resolution up to 199.99 mBar) N Y Y
Draught/differential pressure measurement with timer N Y Y
Operating/working pressure report with printout N Y Y
Timed CO build up tests (BS 7967) with appliance selection Y Y Y
Flow & return temperature with printout Y Y Y
Gooseneck Gas Leak Detection with searchlight N Optional Optional
Li-ion rechargeable battery (no memory loss) Y Y Y
Instant print facility, without saving to memory Y Y Y
Internal memory stores over 200 readings Y Y Y
All previous logs can be recalled & viewed on screen Y Y Y
Personalised printouts with traceability & Engineer / Customer signature column Y Y Y
Improved high contrast graphic screen, multi viewing angle and temperature compensated Y Y Y
Simplified purge structure, enabling quick use of non pumped tests, saving time & battery life Y Y Y
Software to enable USB/PC communication with personalised PDF reports N Y Y
Bluetooth™ enabled communication, (compatibility discussions advised before purchase) N N Y
Five year limited warranty* BS7967: 2010 Parts 1to5 & EN50379: 2012 Parts 1&3 Y Y Y

The Anton Sprint eVo range, with its sophisticated software, has a sum of 10 separate reports which can be printed on site, including flue gas analysis, differential temperature, let-by/tightness test, working pressure, operating pressure and five separate CO room safety test reports with appliance selection.

Sprint eVo

The Anton eVo range has several new features that help to make things easier for the heating engineer. In our experience most engineers like to purchase in a kit format. All the kits have been designed to provide the engineer with both cost savings and convenience. These kit options incorporate relevant accessories used alongside the analysers on a daily basis.

The Anton Sprint eVo range is supplied with free software. This enables the engineer to print reports on site using our infra-red printer and save their readings to a PDF file on their PC using a USB lead.

Analyser settings and personalised headers can be set up on the analyser or PC.

These analysers are fully functional with or without the use of a PC.

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