Electrical Instrument Calibration

Electrical Instrument CalibrationWe offer an Electrical Instrument Calibration service for all makes and models of electrical test and measurement equipment. Our team of qualified technicians working in our in-house laboratory ensure that your electrical test instruments are performing as they should be and conform to all relevant manufacturer standards. We will issue you with a detailed calibration certificate outlining the calibration results of your equipment. All our lab certificates are traceable to national and international standards. With a delivery service available across Ireland and a typical 5 day turn around, we offer you a fast, reliable and competitive service for all your electrical test equipment calibration needs.

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We can perform Electrical Instrument Calibration on the following types of electrical test equipment:     


Electrical Testers:

Digital Multimeters

PAT Testers

Multifunction Testers

RCD Testers

Loop Testers

Insulation Testers

LCR Meters

Clamp Meters

Decade Boxes/Time Resistance Boxes

Process Meters

mA/Loop Calibrators

PAT Calibration Checkboxes


Bench Top Multimeters

5kv Insulation Testers

Milliohm Meters      

Ground/Earth Testers

Calibration Checkboxes

Voltage Detectors

Socket Testers

Volt Sticks         

Proving Units

Power Analysers             


Phase Rotation Equipment     

If your device is not listed here simply contact us and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.

We also supply a broad range of electrical instruments. We stock the leading brands Megger, Fluke, Seaward, Klauke, Raychem, 3M, BAUR, CATU and more. Visit our main website www.powerpoint-engineering.com for more details.





We check functions such as operation, continuity beeper, diode check function and condition of test leads

We calibrate through all ranges on each function and all calibration specifications are taken from manufacturers manuals.

We can detect any faults with your instrument and make adjustments where possible at no extra charge. If a repair service is required we will contact you to let you know what the additional charge required is.

We calibrate and repair all makes of multimeter including Fluke, Megger, Kewtech, Robin, Iso-Tech and much more.



Clampmeters are calibrated as multimeters and we can input AC and DC currents up to 2000A. Please note that all measurements have to be within manufacturers specifications to pass our calibration test.



These are very accurate instruments and we can simulate and read DC current and voltage to 25ppm which covers nearly all of these instruments.



We test all functions of PAT Testers including Flash output up to 3kV. We also check earth bond leads to ensure they are not giving incorrect earth bond readings.

We are also the only approved calibration lab in Ireland for the Seaward range of PAT Testers. This enables us to reset the calibration alarm and adjust calibration offsets where required. 



We can calibrate these instruments from 1milli ohm to kilo ohm values. We also check your test leads.



We offer a calibration and repair service to cover all functions of the Multifunction Testers. It is now a legal requirement that electricians have these instruments calibrated on an annual basis. Click here to view the Legislation for Electrical Calibration. We can manage all your requirements as we calibrate all makes such as Robin, Fluke, Megger, Kewtech, DiLOg and many more.